Our Philosophy

Eneléo. Nature in a bottle!

Eneléo’s philosophy was based on the understanding that what we use to nourish our skin is just as important as what we use to nourish our body.
Our vision is to create an international brand of high quality cosmetics that utilizes the natural gold of Crete, Cretan olive oil.
Every ingredient we use is selected after careful research for its benefits and every product undergoes thorough checks before reaching your hands!
We have deep trust in organic cosmetics based on the active ingredients of plants in combination with Cretan olive oil. The herbal oils we use are rich in skin-nourishing ingredients, which enhance radiance and antiaging on the face and body.

We have created a modern production laboratory, which is certified by Greek FDA (ΕΟΦ), and with a lot of love, care and knowledge, we produce our products, observing all the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Our priority is the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers!
Thank you for trusting us!