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Firming Cream – 200 ml – Firming body cream with herbal extracts, clay and cocoa butter

Crafted to give you a visibly softer, firmer and more elastic skin. Enriched with precious herbal extracts, clay and vegetable butters, it provides deep nourishment and hydration, leaving your skin soft, shiny and silky. Cocoa butter is known for its powerful moisturizing ability and skin protection, while at the same time the synergistic action of ivy, chili and gallium extracts will stimulate circulation, effectively tackling sagging skin and stretch marks, keeping it youthful looking. Try it today!

Firming Scrub – 200 ml – Body scrub with a combination of lavender, citrus fruits, sea salt clay and Magnesia salts

Firming scrub! The favorite habit in your body care! With EXTREMELY PURE natural ingredients create the spa feeling in your space. Citrus notes and lavender flowers will leave you with a lasting feeling of freshness and softness. The presence of beneficial Epsom salts and clay will stimulate blood circulation. Get rid of stretch marks and cellulite, getting the velvety texture you deserve. For better results, combine it with Firming Cream and Anti-cellulite Oil.

ANTICELLULITE OIL, Oil blend – 150 ml – Blend of oils from herbal extracts that helps oxygenate the skin and reduce retention, detoxification, deep hydration and gives skin silky and rejuvenated. With strong action against cellulite.

Anticellulite oil combats the appearance of orange peel, detoxifies the skin and eliminates the signs of cellulite from the first uses. It contains extracts of ivy, helichrysum, and other valuable herbs in olive oil.

MY SILHOUETTE, Oil blend – 150 ml – Blend of oils from herbal extracts that sculpts the skin, gives firmness.

My Sihlouette firming oil has a strong firming effect thanks to the selected botanical extracts in organic olive oil it contains. The extracts of gallium, cymbals, rosemary, cayenne pepper are some of those that enhance its action.


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