Antioxidants are the “brooms”, which clean and neutralize free radicals. They protect our cells from the degeneration brought about by the normal and inevitable oxidation processes that cumulatively lead to aging.

They help fight damage associated with environmental factors such as UV radiation – which is responsible for 80% of premature skin ageing.
Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against oxidation. They should become your new favorite habit. Υour skin will be brighter, firm and healthy.

Cosmetics enriched with antioxidants do not all have the same effect. Antioxidants must remain active until the moment they are applied to skin, penetrate the barrier of the keratin layer, and act on the target. The best protection is offered by cosmetics that contain combinations and not individual antioxidants, because it has been proven that when they work cooperatively, their effectiveness is multiplied. Thus, we at Eneleo, by combining botanical extracts, olive oil, vitamins, and trace elements, all rich in antioxidants, have created herbal cosmetics that offer the necessary and systematic care that a healthy and beautiful skin needs.

Herbal cosmetics care for the health of the skin, do not contain dangerous chemicals, are safe and compatible with our body, are very effective, respect the environment, are subject to strict quality controls, are not tested on animals, are certified by Greek and international organizations , are of high quality and promote the beauty of the skin in a natural way.