Nature offers us its ingredients generously. They participate in the creation of products that take care of our health and beauty! Olive oil, which in our country is abundant and of excellent benefits on the skin are remarkable. But, how does it contribute to skin care?
The high percentages of vitamins E, K and the trace elements (potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc) it contains are beneficial and nourishes for the skin and hair

Rich in antioxidants and iron, which strengthen the hair.
Polyphenols and vitamin E protect the skin from premature ageing. Vitamin E promotes the creation of elastin and collagen, blocks UV radiation and protects against oxidation.

Rich in Ω3 and Ω6 fatty acid. It protects the membrane΄s cell from water loss and prevents the entry of toxins.
Contains amino acids, which are important components of the skin΄s natural moisturising factor. They are necessary to maintain the normal metabolic activity of the cells. This happens, because they participate in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and keratin.

Rich in antioxidants and iron, which strengthen the hair.

The benefits of olive oil on the skin explain why it is increasingly used in face, body and hair care products. Most natural products use pure, virgin, Greek olive oil.
“ENELEO” using Cretan organic olive oil and with extra care, created a series of products for face, body and hair based on the benefits of organic olive oil.

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